Websites Similar to Epic Museum

Here's list of websites we recommend, where You can earn some money, gift cards or video game keys.
Every website from this list is legit and proven to pay / send rewards.

AdscendMedia OffersWall

AdscendMedia OffersWall is section of EpicMuseum.com website where You can do simple taks to earn some bonus EM Dollars.

You can use EM Dollars to upgrade Your Museum, unlock new Statues or request them as cash payment.

In June 2019. we have partnered with AdscendMedia (one of the best OfferWalls companies in the World) to make upgrading Your museum easier then ever...

Give it a try, it's free and You have nothing to lose :)

ySense (ex ClixSense)

ySense is legendary "Paid to..." website, being online and paying it's members since 2007. ySense is huge website that offers many many various ways to earn some extra money...


GameKit is open to users from ONLY a dozen of countries: USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Australia. If You are lucky to live in one of the countries from the list - You can win some pretty good and expensive rewards.

GameKit has an outstanding 82% of positive reviews at TrustPilot (one of the best sites for rating companies).

We (Epic Museum team members) are using GameKit for about a year and so far we won:
* Over 100 Euros in Steam Gift Cards
* Over 150 Random Steam Game Keys
* Over 10.000 RP (League of Legends)
* Keys for: PUBG x2, GTA V, Sims 4, Rocket League, Assassin's Creed: Origins, etc...
* Around 0.007 Bitcoin (700.000 Satoshis)

At GameKit, there are 3 ways to earn Points:
1. Every day when You login - You will earn 5 Points.
2. Finishing quests... GameKit offers a LOT of various PC video games that users can install and play for some time in exchange for Points.
3. Inviting Your friends.

Earned Points can be spent on:
1. Giveaways - In Giveaways You and other users contribute together so that 1-2 winners can get a reward. Giveaways involve luck but for small amount of Points You get a chance to win expensive rewards.
2. Direct shopping - Direct shopping excludes element of luck but You will have to pay full price of an item / game Yourself.

SlideJoy App

SlideJoy is Android App that displays advertisements for various products or websites on lock screen of Your phone. You can close these Ads by simply swiping to the right across the phone screen and that's it...

I earn around 8 cents from this App / day for... well... - for doing nothing. App is legit and pays. So far I received several PayPal payments ranging from 5-10 USD each.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to select "NORMAL" mode during registration, otherwise Your earnings will be donated to Red Cross or similar humanitarian organizations.

Bitcoins & Crypto Currencies

EarnBTCs.com - website focused on Bitcoins and Crypto Currencies developed by one of Epic Museum team members. EarnBTCs.com lists proven sources for gaining Bitcoins and few other alt-coins.

BTCZombies.com - Earn Bitcoins by playing zombie appocalypse game, developed by Epic Museum team. BTC Zombies is online since early 2018.

More Coming Soon...

We'll add more websites and Apps in future...