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Payment Proofs

June 19. 2017.
We processed 2 payments today... The first was payment for player SlyCat, it was his first payment so far.
Congrats :)

Here's screenshot of payment:

June 19. 2017.
The second payment was for player strohmain.
Congrats :)

Here's screenshot of payment:

May 24. 2017.
We just processed our first Payza payment. Player Zaheer requested payment few days ago but there were some problems with his PayPal account... As solution, we sent payment to his Payza wallet instead :)
Congrats to Zaheer on his 1st payment :)

This was the first time we were sending money via Payza, and I have to say they are HORRIBLE when it comes to their transaction fees !!! As You can see in payment screenshot - for 1 USD Zaheer received we had to pay 0.32 USD transaction fee... 32% fee is INSANE :( :(

Because of this, we will be forced to change the way we are processing Payza payments in future :( We will offer 2 options:
1. To process payments of minimum 10 USD for which we will pay fees (0.59 USD or 5.9% is fee for 10 USD transaction).
2. To process payments ranging from 1 USD - 9.99 USD for which You will pay fees. We do not recommend this option but decided to offer it just in case someone gets tired of waiting to reach 10 USD.

Minimum required for PayPal payments will remain the same (1 USD).

Here's screenshot of payment:

May 16. 2017.
Second payment in May is processed and sent to player bodak432.
Congrats :)

Here's screenshot of payment we sent to bodak432:

May 11. 2017.
Player rasim became the first EpicMuseum.com player to receive second payment.
Congrats :)

Here's screenshot of payment details that rasim created and sent to us (we additionally blurred some info on screenshot):

April 21. 2017.
Player tostr who started playing back in October 2016. requested (and received) first payment.
Congrats :)

Here's screenshot of payment details:

February 9. 2017.
The first payment in 2017. is processed :)
Congrats to rasim on reaching and receiving his 1st payment :)

Here's screenshot of payment details that rasim created and sent to us (we additionally blurred some info on screenshot):

December 30. 2016.
Our third payment was just sent to player Turferus, this is his 2nd payment so far :)
Congrats to Turferus again :)

Here's screenshot of payment details taken after the payment was processed:

November 23. 2016.
Our player FurryBuxy, who registered back in April this year, received his earnings :)
Congrats to FurryBuxy on becoming the second player to reach 10 EM Dollars. :)

Here's screenshot of payment details taken after the payment was processed:

September 22. 2016.
Today is big day for EpicMuseum.com game :) Today is the day when we sent the first payment to one of our players :) Our player Turferus, who registered back in March this year, requested PayPal payout yesterday and today he received his money :)

Turferus needed around 7 months to reach this first payment, but now he/she has already developed his/hers Museum and upcoming payments will be coming much sooner... The more statues player has in Museum - the more revenue Museum generates every day, and payments are becoming more and more frequent - up to the point when player is earning few tens of USD $ a month by just logging in game once a day...

Here's screenshot of eMail I received from PayPal after payment was processed:

Where's more Payment Proofs???
Well, up to September 22. 2016 - we had no payment proofs because none of our players reached minimum to request payout since the game was opened back in February 2016. We have received lots of emails from players asking for Payment Proofs - and we were always honest and told them that we don't have them yet.

Epic Museum is game of time and patience, and it takes looonnggg time for player to reach good amounts of daily/monthly revenue (over $10 or $20 USD a month).

We never wanted to post fake payment proofs... We wanted to let game grow naturally over time, with no shortcuts, with no lies about number of players, and most importantly - with no fake payment proofs.

We are happy to say that Epic Museum is played by over 200 active players at the moment (September 22. 2016.) and game has earned over 60 Euros since launch.
As planned, revenue made so far is more then enough (around 4-5 times more) to cover 100% of revenue of all players who have ever registered - so we are proud to say that game has healthy and growing economy, as we planned and predicted :)