News and Updates

AdscendMedia OffersWall - June 20th 2019.

We are proud to announce that we have (finally) partnered with AdscendMedia (one of the best OfferWalls companies in the World) to make upgrading Your museum easier then ever...
From now on, You can use their OffersWall to earn some bonus EM Dollars.

This is big improvement compared to offers wall we used in past.
Hopefully, we'll manage to attract some other big companies in future :)

Your Epic Museum Team :)

League of Legends RP Card Sent as Payment - June 5th 2019.

We are proud to announce that we have just sent the first League of Legends RP Card as payment :)
More details about this "milestone payment" can be found at our Payment Proofs page.

Your Epic Museum Team :)

Skrill Payouts - July 22nd 2018.

Almost a month has passed since the last announcement. We'll keep this short, since it's pretty clear and straightforward :)

We are adding Skrill as new payout option. :)

We have decided to go with Skrill as our first addition because it's well known eWallet system. I have personally used Skrill in distant past, back when they worked under the name of MoneyBookers :)

We received many suggestions from our players (Payoneer, Payeer, Circle, Cryptocurrencies, etc) and it is not impossible that some of those services will be added in future (not cryptocurrencies) - but for now Skrill is our primary choice :)

We apologize once again to all players who had to wait to request payments !!! :)

Your Epic Museum Team :)

PayPal Fees Increased - June 26th 2018.

We are facing serious problem that will affect both Us and Epic Museum players :(

PayPal has recently increased Fees for sending money:
* For payments below 3 EUR - we have to pay Fee equal to the amount of money we're sending.
* For payments between 3 and 4 EUR - we have to pay Fee of 2.66 EUR.
* For payments above 4 EUR - there is fixed Fee of 3.99 EUR.

With these new Fees, we are put in extremely bad position. We have very limited options and all of them suck more or less :(

Options are:
1. We can stop sending PayPal payments :( This SUCKS big time, since PayPal is by far the most used and popular eWallet in the World, and most of Our players are using it :(
2. We can greatly increase minimum for PayPal payments (example: 100 EM Dollars min for payment), and use part of players earnings (40 EM Dollars) to cover payments Fee. This also SUCKS, because big part of players earnings (40%) would be wasted on covering these high Fees :(
3. We can cover payments Fees. This would be cool, but is simply not realistic solution. Game is not generating enough money to be able to cover fees for hundreds/thousands of players :( This is something that we really never seen coming, back when we were planning game economy :(
4. We can add some alternative eWallet system (or few of them). This is possible - however we are not familiar with other systems and their Fees. We know that Fees for Payza, for example, are also pretty high... We will need some time to do research on this subject.
5. We can start doing payments in crypto currencies. I am personally against this option, firstly because there are also Fees for crypto transfers, and second - I am not willing to lightly spend coins I own because I am 100% sure they will be worth a lot lot more in years to come.

We have no final solution at the moment... Any potential solution sucks !!! The only difference is if it sucks more or less...
As soon as we think of something, You'll all be notified !!! :)

Your Epic Museum Team :)

Small Update to Referrals Program

As You all know, Epic Museum is awarding it's players for bringing new active players into game.
In the last few months we paid a bit more attention to the activity of referred new players and we came to conclusion that we have to make some changes...

Problem we faced recently is the fact that big part of new players simply rush to Museum Level 2 and stop playing (or lower their in-game activity to the very minimum).
Players who brought them into game ask for promised 100 Upgrade Points and we do not want to give rewards for fake and inactive ("zombie") players...

We do not know if these "zombie" players were sent to Epic Museum with task to "reach Museum Level 2 and quit" or not, and we have no intentions to waste our time investigating it...

Simple solution for this problem is to raise minimum condition before new referred players can become "redeemable"...

From now on, before they can be redeemed - new players will have to reach:
1. Museum Level 2
2. Minimum Daily Revenue of 0.20 EM Dollars

We believe that this will filter at least part of "zombie" players who register only to reach LVL 2 and quit.

Players who bring real and active players won't see any difference other that it will take a little more time for their referrals to become redeemable...
Players who "motivate" their referrals to register and reach LVL 2 will probably have to spend more on rewards now, since their zombie referrals will have to do more work.

Thanks for reading and enjoy 1st May :) :)

Back from Vacation & Offers Wall

As most of You already know, we returned from a 3.5 weeks long vacation about a week ago :)
Since then, we processed few payments, replied to lots of emails and got in touch with few companies that contacted Us while we were away...

One of those companies is company we contacted before we left... To make long story short - from now on You will be able to do tasks/offers in return for EM Dollars. You can start whenever You want - Offers Page is all setup and tested :)

We will follow the impact of adding Offers Page on revenue...
If we get good results we will probably start giving away some bonus Upgrade Points, EM Dollars or whatever we can think of :)

The last but not least - we're aware of problems some people are having with Google Recaptcha in the last week or so (more info - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/recaptcha). We just removed Recaptcha from Login page for now, until Google fixes their tool...

Epic Museum v2.02 (Revenue Thresholds Added)

As You could read in update title - we just added Minimum Revenue Thresholds that We mentioned as one of potential changes in previous update. To make this short, here's how Minimum Revenue Thresholds will work...

Once a player's Maximum Daily Revenue passes certain point - Minimum Daily Revenue will increase for as long as Maximum Daily Revenue stays above required Threshold.

Here's list of Thresholds:
0.01 - 0.29 EM Dollars: 0.01 EM Dollars
0.30 - 0.59 EM Dollars: 0.05 EM Dollars
0.60 - 0.99 EM Dollars: 0.10 EM Dollars
1.00 - 1.49 EM Dollars: 0.15 EM Dollars
1.50+ EM Dollars: 0.20 EM Dollars

Epic Museum v2.01 (Mini-Update)

Few days have passed since we published Version 2.0 of Epic Museum... We have received close to 20 emails, and without exceptions all of them came from angry players... First of all, We want to thank You all... To all of You who took time to write a complaint, to all of You who sent Us constructive emails explaining why new changes are not good, even You who cursed at Us in Your emails.

After these few days, we can say that over 90% of players who played Epic Museum in the last 7 days before changes continued playing after update... Around 7% of players who were active before update did not login or claimed revenue / Upgrade Points since update so we might consider they quit.

However, once again - we thank to all of You who sent Us negative emails - because few of them pointed out something that we missed to see !!!
Before Update, We did calculations of all players groups except for fresh newly registered players... We concentrated Our attention to mid and top players (players who already have Statues LVL 3, 4 and 5 unlocked) and were trying to balance game revenue and expenses based on them... We kinda ignored low LVL players and freshly new registered ones as we considered it will be easy for them to progress with new "Upgrade Points Game" we added in update.

However, changes put fresh new players in very bad position because with original Statues Decay new players would have only loses and would not be able to develop at all (or progress would be extremely slow at best).
Because of this we are making following mini-changes:

Statues Decay 2.01 Update:

Statues Decay will be as follows:
Statues Level 1: 100 Days Decay Period
Statues Level 2: 250 Days Decay Period
Statues Level 3: 500 Days Decay Period
Statues Level 4: 1000 Days Decay Period
Statues Level 5: 2500 Days Decay Period
* Exceptions are Leprechaun Statue and Museum Upgrades, they are both permanent.

This mini-update ensures that in the WORST theoretic scenario player would be at positive Zero from each unlocked Statue. In simple words, this means that all Statues will at least cover their renewing expenses and players will be able to progress by collecting daily Upgrade Points, playing "Upgrade Points Game" and referring new players.

Daily Upgrade Points Claim 2.01 Update:

One other mini-change is that we are reducing daily Upgrade Points claim from (1-5) to (1-3).
Claims from "Upgrade Points Game" will remain the same (1-3) Upgrade Points every 3 Hours.

Daily Revenue Collecting 2.01 News:

Collecting Daily Revenue will remain unchanged for now (random value from 0.01 EM Dollars up to player's Max Daily Revenue)... However, We had a meeting few evenings ago and We discussed players Daily Revenue...

Before I continue - here are some facts: Since update amount of daily Ad impressions increased almost 4 times, and we saw a small increase in website daily revenue (around 15% increase).

Now back to players Daily Revenue...
We will closely follow Ad impressions and website revenue in weeks to come, and if there are possibilities We discussed introducing "Revenue Thresholds" that would increase minimum amount players can collect...

In simple words, "Revenue Thresholds" would make impossible for player who has 1.05 Max Daily Revenue to collect only 0.01 EM Dollar, instead his minimal Daily Revenue would be based on his Max Daily Revenue and would be maybe 0.10 or 0.20 or 0.50 EM Dollars...

Again, this was just an idea we talked about, we have done no calculations nor we did any detailed plans for it - it's just an idea that might get implemented if website revenue and Ad impressions allow it.

Final Words:

I already told some of You in replies to Your emails that Version 2.0 is not and will not be the final version of Epic Museum. Epic Museum that is here today might not be the same in weeks/months/years to come... Many things can change, including some of the changes we already introduced that can be updated again (like idea of "Revenue Thresholds" I mentioned above)...

Epic Museum v2.0 Update

First of all, We want to say "Thank You" to all our players !!!
So far, Epic Museum has grown into a big success and time has come to make some changes so that both game and community can continue growing in future.

Most of changes listed below were made with 3 main goals in our minds:
1. To make game a bit more realistic
2. To increase players activity in game
3. To reward active players and allow them to advance a bit faster

Cosmetic Changes:

1. Top Menu Redesigned
- We simply didn't like the looks of old top menu, so we made new one :)

2. Improved Looks and Functionality of Profile Page
- Profile Page now shows if You finished Your daily tasks in game or not. Also, Profile Page now features simple timer that shows how much time is left until the day-change in game (thanks to "lifesonsrv" for suggestion).
All vital gameplay links are now placed on Profile Page and divided into thematic sections for better usability.

3. Donation Points renamed into Upgrade Points
- This was just simple renaming... We thought name "Upgrade Points" is better than "Donation Points" as new name better describes Points that are used for Upgrading Museum and Unlocking Statues.

4. Public Players Profiles (Not Yet Finished)

5. Public Page for Each Statue from Game (Not Yet Finished)

6. Other Minor Changes...

Gameplay Changes:

1. Statues Decay
- Epic Museum is simulation game... Simulation games aim to be as close to reality as possible, therefore we decided to add a layer of reality to it. From now on, all Statues except Leprechaun will have decay over certain period of time... After this period is over, Statue will collapse and will disappear from Player's Profile.

Statues Decay will depend of Statue level:
Statues Level 1: 50 Days Decay Period
Statues Level 2: 125 Days Decay Period
Statues Level 3: 250 Days Decay Period
Statues Level 4: 500 Days Decay Period
Statues Level 5: 1250 Days Decay Period
* Exceptions are Leprechaun Statue and Museum Upgrades, they are both permanent.

2. Daily Revenue is Not Fixed Anymore
- Players will not gain maximal amounts of Revenue / Day in future. Instead, Daily Revenue will range from 0.01 EM Dollar up to the Player's Maximum Daily Revenue. This change adds another layer of reality into the game, as their is no business in the World without fluctuations in revenue...

Example: If Player's Maximal Daily Revenue is 0.86 EM Dollars / Day - He will receive random amount between 0.01 - 0.86 / EM Dollars every day.

3. Reduced Amount of Upgrade Points / Daily Claim (from 1-10 to 1-5)
- Reduction from 1-10 to 1-5 might seem like a bad thing at first, but only for inactive players.
Players who want to get more involved with game and to develop their Museum faster will actually like these changes since Players will be able to get more overall Upgrade Points / Day by playing our new "Upgrade Points Game".

4. Added Upgrade Points Game in which Players can Claim 1-3 Upgrade Points / 3 Hours
- This mini game is what will make difference between active and inactive players in future. Active Players will be able to collect several times amount of 1-3 Upgrade Points... With just 3 claims / day, active players will gain 3-9 Upgrade Points daily (plus 1-5 Upgrade Points from Daily Claim).

5. Referral Rewards increased from 50 to 100 Upgrade Points / Qualified Referral
- Another way to reward our active Players and those who are/were promoting Epic Museum to their friends. All Players who already redeemed some of their qualified referrals will gain +50 Upgrade Points / redeemed qualified referral (to compensate difference between old and new bonus)

Anti-Cheat Changes:

1. We implemented some new (and improved some old) tools to help Us discover and punish cheaters.
- No need to write a lot about this, as most of Epic Museum Players don't need to worry about these at all.