Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Epic Museum free to play?
- YES. Epic Museum is 100% free to play simulation game in which players can earn real money.

2. Can I really earn money here?
- YES. You can earn real money by running Your Epic Museum. However, do not take this game as something that will make You rich in short time because it will NOT. Developing Your museum and increasing daily revenue is a long-term project. But, once Your museum is upgraded it will be one of Your best sources of passive income...

3. Game is free but You are giving away money... Will You go bankrupt?
- NO. Game has few sources of stable daily income, one of them are advertisements that can be seen inside game. Running game, further development and payouts are all covered with these earnings. This is possible because Epic Museum is run by a very small team atm, so we don't need to spend a lot of money on paying employees.

UPDATE: September 22. 2016. - We are happy to say that Epic Museum is played by over 200 active players at the moment (September 22. 2016.) and game has earned over 60 Euros since launch. As planned, revenue made so far is more then enough (around 4-5 times more) to cover 100% of revenue of all players who have ever registered - so we are proud to say that game has healthy and growing economy, as we planned and predicted :)

4. Where can I see some withdrawal/payment proofs?
- This is one of the most common questions we receive from new players. Epic Museum was launched back in November 2015. (first players started arriving in February 2016.) and so far no one reached required minimum to request payout. Therefore we have no payment proofs to post at the moment, but as soon as some player(s) reach it we will open section of website dedicated only to payment proofs.

UPDATE: September 22. 2016. - We are happy to say that Epic Museum has processed the first ever payment to players today. As planned, we have created Payment Proofs Page where we'll publish all of payment proofs in future.

5. What are EM Dollars?
- EM Dollars are short for "Epic Museum Dollars" - official currency of Epic Museum game. EM Dollars can be used to buy Upgrade Points or they can be exchanged for real money or various gifts in 1:10 ratio. To collect EM Dollars You will have to login into game every day and collect them. If You skip one day Your revenue for that day will be lost.

6. What are Upgrade Points?
- Upgrade Points are points that are used for upgrading Museum and unlocking new Statues. Each player will receive random number of free Upgrade Points every day. To collect Upgrade Points You will have to login into game every day and collect them. If You skip one day Your Upgrade Points for that day will be lost.
Updated at Oct. 1st 2017. - After v2.0 update You can collect additional Upgrade Points by playing "Points Game" every 3 hours.

7. Can I have more then one account?
- NO. There's real money value in every action in this game and because of that we can not allow more then 1 account per person/household. Every player will have to provide proof of identity (like scanned Passport or other official document) before the first payment is processed. We will NOT save these documents (we don't need them, believe us). Documents will only be used for verifying Your identity and stopping people from creating multiple accounts.

8. Can I sell my Epic Museum account?
- YES. Players invest time into developing their accounts and if they ever want to quit playing game we think it is fair to allow them to get something back. If You manage to find buyer it is ok to make some profit out of time You have invested into Your account.
WARNING: Players who create multiple accounts in order to sell them will be banned.

9. Can You help me to sell my account?
- NO. We will not offer any help with selling Your account. We will not offer any help with transferring Your account to new owner. It is all up to You.

10. What Happens After I Reach Level 5 Museum and Unlock All Statues?
- In order to achieve this, player will have to play Epic Museum for few years. Level 5 statues cost 2500 Upgrade Points each, so it takes pretty long time to unlock them all. However, We do have plans to add new statues into game, but not in the near future (since there's no need for adding them yet).

11. What Payment Options You Offer?
- At the moment we only process payments via Skrill and Payza.

1. Skrill payments are processed once You gather at least 10 EM Dollars in Your account. 1 USD (or more) will be sent to Your Skrill account, Your earnings will be reduced by 0.50 EUR (Skrill transaction fee).
2. Payza payments are processed in 2 ways:
- Payment when You gather at least 100 EM Dollars in Your account. 10 USD (or more) will be sent to Your Payza account, we pay for transaction fees (0.59 USD or 5.9%).
- Payment ranging from 10 - 99.99 EM Dollars. 1 - 9.99 USD will be sent to Your Payza account, but You will pay transaction fees. We do not recommend this option but decided to offer it just in case someone gets tired of waiting to reach 10 USD.